Individual Training Sessions

Individual Training Sessions

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QB1 Mentality specializes in training Quarterbacks of all ages with the goals to mechanically improve throwing motion as well as improve athlete's football IQ. At QB1 Mentality, we believe that being able to process information on the field is the way to take your game to the next level. If you are a Quarterback that is looking to sharpen your mechanics and get ahead of the game, QB1 Mentality is the place for you.

Defensive Backs

For you Defensive Backs, Imagine lining up knowing what the quarterback is looking for. This means, based on film study, you should know what routes your opponents run. Now, How can a defensive back manipulate the outcome of a game?

Hint: A Good defensive back core is equivalent to having a great Quarterback, message us to learn how.

Defensive back has become one of the most vital positions in football. As the passing game continues to develop, wide receivers continue to get more athletic and quarterbacks getting smarter. Having a defensive back who has a full understanding of his scheme can ultimately shutdown half a field or a single receiver without help becomes even more important. Here at QB1 we will give you the tools to become that guy!!

Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers, knowing how to read a defense allows you to process the same information as your quarterback. With work and film study the results may lead to knowing when you are getting the football before the quarterback throws it. This allows you to be another step ahead of a defender who does not know the play. At QB we coach you as a receiver and conduct film study as a Quarterback .

Here at QB1 Mentality we offer Wide Receivers a comprehensive, in-depth study of receiver fundamentals. Provide several techniques to the players and the tools they need to effectively play the position. We cover stance and start, releases, refined route running, stemming, cuts and separating as well as other mid-route techniques, route adjustments vs. man and zone coverages, the wide blocker, yards after the catch, psychology, and much, much more.

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